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Jodi Park, Gary Guller and Rodney at ADA Rally

Jodi Park, Disability Communications Director

Age: 35
Nationality: USA
Home Location: Austin, TX
Occupation: Projects Coordinator, Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD)

As CTD Projects Coordinator for the last three years, Jodi coordinates all CTD statewide advocacy, legislative education, service programs and special events. Jodi also serves as an in-house policy analyst and legislative advocate, providing analyses of consumer issues, helping to develop alternatives to existing policies, and building and educating consumer networks across Texas.

At the state level, Jodi has worked through two legislative sessions, and currently serves on a number of legislatively mandated disability-related task forces. At a local level, Jodi serves on a local commission, a city ADA/Accessibility task force, and as Public Policy Chair for a local chapter of a national association. For many years she has been an active community volunteer, focusing her efforts on issues of equity and civil rights for women, children, and persons with disabilities. Jodi has lived in Austin since 1994.

Phone: 512-478-3366

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