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February 22, 2002
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

TE '03 at summit of AfricaTeam Everest '03 banner on the summit of Africa's highest peak

Expedition leader Gary Guller, Charles Minja and the Kili team carried the TE '03 banner to Africa's highest point, the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,344ft. The team summited at sunrise on February 22nd and enjoyed the view of the African savannah stretched out before them. The Kilimanjaro expedition was Stage One of the 18-month Team Everest ‘03 campaign promoting 50 years of progress in advancing the conditions of people with disabilities. Says Gary:

We took the message to the top of Africa. Next we’ll take it to the top of the Americas, and finally to the top of the world in 2003.

Press Contact:
Dennis Borel
Project Director
(512) 478-3366