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December 2002
Austin, Texas

Christine, Gene, Mark & Sandra - Photo by Barton Wilder Custom ImagesTeam Everest '03 featured in Austin's The Good Life Magazine


The December 2002 issue of Austin's The Good Life magazine featured Team Everest in an excellent article by Spike Gillespie. The article was in the "Gusto" section of the magazine that focuses on health, wellness and fitness. "Many members dislike the term disabled. But what makes this trip unique is that very label. It's a Catch-22: The label they disdain is helping actualize the trip, which they want to take to prove the label useless."

Several Challange Trek members were interviewed for the article:

I used to consider my amputation somewhat of a disability, but realized that my disability is my attitude, or more accurately the wrong attitude I had... I hope to help people understand that the term disability is not synonymous with incapable. Dinesh Ranasinghe

Why do we need labels, period? For me, this isn't a disability issue. In one sense, I'm doing it because I enjoy the camaraderie of other poepole whether they're labeled disabled or not. And I also enjoy learning about other cultures. On the other hand, I'm proud to be a part of the evolution of our society in which people who are labeled as having a disability have the freedom to do what they want. Gene Rodgers

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