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September 20 - 22, 2002
San Antonio, Texas

Joe Bicket receives media award from Dennis BorelCoalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD) Convention
"Mission: Independence"


CTD's 24th annual convention in San Antonio drew over one hundred people and many local candidates, including Senatorial candidate Ron Kirk, Gubernatorial canditate Tony Sanchez and The Honorable Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, who spoke to the Coalition by video tape.

The Honorable Ed Garza, Mayor of San Antonio, Diane Yoder of the TX Commission for the Blind and Roger Levy and Leigh Redmond of the TX Center for Disability Studies presented.

Austin Fox News anchor Joe Bickett received the Distinguished Media Award for his exceptional coverage of TE '03. The event drew local television news and press coverage.

Sam Chandler, President of the Board of Directors, CTD:

As you all know, we live in changing times and we have to change with them. We have a mission to promote... the rights we have gained and not to lose ground. All people with disabilities are asking for full inclusion in life's activities and to show that we have the same rights and responsibilities as all citizens. So let's stay independent and self-directed, and put forth CTD's message of independence and rights for all.

Press Contact:
Dennis Borel
Project Director
(512) 478-3366